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I got a cute sakura plantpet ^u^

I got a cactus with a flower ! 

i couldn't make any friends :'

This is such a cute little game! What's the song that's used called? Thanks! Hope you make more games in the future!

This is adorableeee! Please keep creating :)

I got a sakura! I named her Bloop :D

they were happy but didnt make any friends ;-;

Deleted 47 days ago


I got the grape pet! Very cute!

oh dear :( it looks like I did not a great job of raising dolores :( at least she looks really cool! I love this game and will definitely recommend it to friends who need to giggle and de-stress.

Mine was a sunflower pet!

Very Good Game!

Got the red mushroom pet. Very cute, thank you for sharing! :) 

Very cute game!

Damn Softnite -,- grr

nice game , love it

This game is really cute, but I couldn't get the Fun level up at all, even when playing. Was that just bad RNG?

Really had a blast playing this, was awesome to see you condense down a Tomagotchi's life into a nice single sitting playthrough game.

Um I dunno how to get it to have friends I tried 4 rounds, of which 1 whole round was like a million socializing clicks haha funny how all it takes is -1 fun but truth is I only saw Lightning just once of the 6 times I did "3 pets, and 3 plays" I mean forgot to feed it one turn only and it is all of a sudden pretty hungry lols?  I'm pretty sure I saw Hearts in all stages before moving on! - I dunno about the rotten food thingy it pops up way too often for comfort! I don't think realistically food is rotten like 80% of the time lols! - Also if it's a plant then question why does it eat lettuce lols haha - I did get 1 carnivorous plant one time with the 2 red bulbs thingy on it's head! I tried 4 rounds of it but this is prolly the best stats I can get with it "Loving me" that is :) ... but very FUN and CUTE game by far :)

This game is so cute, thanks for sharing!

It super cute ! i really like  it ❤ 

Really cute game :) Looking forward for some 8bit music in the game😁

All of my plantgotchis seemed like two faced bitches! Loved them anyways! 

Yeaaah, this game is so cute I loved it ! I somehow got better each time, the first one hated me, the second one doesn't liked me, the last one loved me. Love the randomness factor !

This was an incredible game!!! I really loved it what a great job you did!

Awww! (pink, cactus head)

think it's forced to be bored with you.
no matter what i did- it didn't 
change. it was like it was stuck like that
or something. at least it loved me ;<;

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its so cute that IT HATES ME awww

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Really cool and super polished! The randomness factor makes it a bit frustrating after a while, but overall it's a really cool twine  toy ❤❤❤

Thanks for your comment, Ivan!! <333 I rebalanced the game, I hope it's better although the randomness factor will be always present >-> 


I picked blue, and i love this cute lil game!! But my seaweed plant friend hates me. haha oww

Thank you so much for your comment!!! <3333 I hope next time your pet loves you :3