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my yellow one Sam is perfect then I moved on.. my blue one who I named blo had a very happy life but only had some friends and was a little tired, then worst of all pink who I named som didn’t like me, had no friends, wasn’t happy, and was terrible mentally but they did good with tiredness and dirtyness.

It reminds me of my childhood with electronic pet hahaha. Super cute! I really enjoy it.

mine hates me XD

This is a cute little concept and I like the art, but I must be doing something wrong. My red mushroom is very happy but for some reason hates me xD

Overall, I had fun with the concept. It could probably use smoother mechanics, but otherwise 'twas cute.


I'm terrible in this, all my plants are bored and unsociable.

my plant is very bored of my but good thing i took care of it! 

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im so proud of my son 

all my other ones didn’t like me-

Very cute! My plantgotchi is a very happy cactus with a flower :)

I got a grape plant pet. He still likes me despite him having no friends, being bored with me, and starving. At least he was very clean and got a good nights sleep.

Can we get a downloadable?

Very cute game! i named mine solar, and he become a yellow muschroom plant O:


Lovely little game! My plantgotchi's final form is a grape plantpet and his name's Bobert :).


I got a cute sakura plantpet ^u^

I got a cactus with a flower ! 

i couldn't make any friends :'

This is such a cute little game! What's the song that's used called? Thanks! Hope you make more games in the future!

This is adorableeee! Please keep creating :)

I got a sakura! I named her Bloop :D

Deleted 1 year ago


I got the grape pet! Very cute!

oh dear :( it looks like I did not a great job of raising dolores :( at least she looks really cool! I love this game and will definitely recommend it to friends who need to giggle and de-stress.

Mine was a sunflower pet!

Very Good Game!

Got the red mushroom pet. Very cute, thank you for sharing! :) 

Very cute game!

Damn Softnite -,- grr

nice game , love it

This game is really cute, but I couldn't get the Fun level up at all, even when playing. Was that just bad RNG?

Really had a blast playing this, was awesome to see you condense down a Tomagotchi's life into a nice single sitting playthrough game.

Um I dunno how to get it to have friends I tried 4 rounds, of which 1 whole round was like a million socializing clicks haha funny how all it takes is -1 fun but truth is I only saw Lightning just once of the 6 times I did "3 pets, and 3 plays" I mean forgot to feed it one turn only and it is all of a sudden pretty hungry lols?  I'm pretty sure I saw Hearts in all stages before moving on! - I dunno about the rotten food thingy it pops up way too often for comfort! I don't think realistically food is rotten like 80% of the time lols! - Also if it's a plant then question why does it eat lettuce lols haha - I did get 1 carnivorous plant one time with the 2 red bulbs thingy on it's head! I tried 4 rounds of it but this is prolly the best stats I can get with it "Loving me" that is :) ... but very FUN and CUTE game by far :)

This game is so cute, thanks for sharing!

It super cute ! i really like  it ❤ 

Really cute game :) Looking forward for some 8bit music in the game😁

All of my plantgotchis seemed like two faced bitches! Loved them anyways! 

Yeaaah, this game is so cute I loved it ! I somehow got better each time, the first one hated me, the second one doesn't liked me, the last one loved me. Love the randomness factor !

This was an incredible game!!! I really loved it what a great job you did!

Awww! (pink, cactus head)

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